Saturday, April 4, 2009

Six Reasons to Wear A Silver Band

Sterling bands are very popular among women and men since many are very unisex in design, classic, sophisticated, ergonomic and very affordable.

Did you know that silver band can symbolize different things to people?

1. The first thought that comes to
mind is "wedding band".

2. A friend who means the world to
you would be honoured to wear
a "friendship band" that symbolizes
your friendship.
3. A "couple's band" represents your commitment to each other.

4. A promise to keep a secret, an intention of marriage, but can't afford a diamond ring yet, can
be symbolized with a "promise band".

5. Stack em beside each other for a diverse look, mix and match them as stacking rings/bands.

6. Or simply, wear them as a great ring for everyday.

You can have an engraver inscribe a personal message.


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