Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alluring and Mystifying Facts About Moonstones

One of the most unique and mesmerizing characteristics of moonstones are the mysterious glows of light from within. This incredible white light glides across the surface of the stone. It intensifies in natural sunlight. This phenomena is known as adularescence.

Since it is associated with the "moon" it is known as the stone of love and for lovers. In some parts of the world, a moonstone represents fertility and has been known to be sewn into women's nightgowns.

Moonstones are also associated with promoting a healthy hormonal balance in women and also helps strengthen the immune system.

On an emotional level, it minimizes anxiety and enhances the inner harmony for the wearer.

They are available in a variety of colors--yellow, orange, pink, green, white, grey and brown. A color for everyone.

Moonstones are definitely the number one choice for many women worldwide.

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