Monday, April 6, 2009

When Children Emulate Their Parents

Many years ago, when my husband and I were travelling in New England, we came across a little boy and his father who were the best of buddies. The child was approximately 4-5 years old and had the same jeans, running shoes and white T-shirt on as his dad. He even wore his baseball cap to the side like his father.

The father had a unique stride as he walked in front of his son, who was a foot behind his dad.
What intrigued me was how this child even emulated the way his father walked. When the child finally caught up to his dad, the father wrapped a loving arm around his little shoulder as if to say, "hey buddy, you've caught up to me. I love you"

I have never forgotten that moment and the true meaning behind it. That little boy looked up to his dad as his hero, friend, and probably the best dad in the world. He wanted to be just like his father in every way...even down to his walk.

How we raise our children, and instill in them the values that you hope they will take with them one day, can be seen throughout their growing years.

In our family, we have taught our children to be compassionate, loving, gracious, empathetic and kind hearted towards mankind. I can proudly say that our children are certainly following that path.

We have modelled these virtues for our children and I can see it in their dispositions.

Several weeks ago, my husband and I had a date on a Saturday. Before we left, my little Julia reminded me that if I saw a homeless person who was in need, that I should buy him a cup of coffee. She knows me too well. That evening when we came home, the first thing she asked me was if I bought a coffee for a stranger.

I told her "Julia, there were two people that were lying on the cold sidewalk a block apart, and I bought them both a warm breakfast". I went on to tell her that these two gentlemen both told me "God Bless You" . I told Julia, that I reciprocated and told them, "Sir, Gold bless you too."

She was so happy that I was able to provide not one but two strangers with a warm beverage and a small meal.

Yes, children certainly emulate their parents, but I must confess, there have been a couple of times when I've had to tell my daughter, not to be that the time, she gave away her newest "Littlest Petshop" toys to her friend, because "Mommy, she liked them", or the other time, when her little friend was coming down the stairs with a $20.00 bill clutched in her hands. "Julia, gave this to me".

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