Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Unique Ideas for Your Gold and Silver Chains

If you thought that chains were meant to only grace your neck, you are in for some surprises.
Many people have their signature piece(s) of jewelry--pieces that they wear every day or quite often. If one of your signature pieces is a chain that is rather long, why not wrap it around your wrist and wear it as a multi-strand bracelet.

There are two easy ways to do this:

You can put your hand through the chain and loop it around your wrist as many times as the chain can accommodate. Or you can open the chain and have the closure end hanging while you wrap it around your wrist and then close it.
Now, if you have a few necklaces that
are not being worn at all, you can have them modified.

If you have a very, very, long necklace, why not have it cut so you can wear it as a shorter necklace and have a matching bracelet. Or you can have two bracelets made and keep one for yourself, and give the other one to your daughter.

The other thing you can do with a very, very long necklace is to have it cut at 6-7 inch strands (depending on the size of your wrist) and then having them joined together at the end for a multi-strand bracelet.
At the same time, if you have two thin/medium width flat chains that are the same length, they could be intertwined as one chain--now all of a sudden two chains look like one substantial piece. Simply lay them flat beside each other and criss-cross one over the other.
Any questions, I am a mouse-click away--I like cheddar :)

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