Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Delicious/Nutritious HUNGARIAN Chicken Paprikas

With the busy lives that we lead, and the multi-tasking that many of us do, sometimes I feel like an octopus, my one arm is reaching for this, my other arm is grabbing that, but the one thing that is always a priority for me is providing healthy home cooked meals for my family.

Growing up in a European household, my mother was truly my role model because she balanced her many roles with such such efficiency and complete dedication–she did it all from her heart and nothing and no one was ever short changed.

She worked diligently at our family owned jewelry boutique, raised me, maintained a household and always provided the most delicious, homemade Hungarian meals for us every night. Yes mama, little did I know at the time, that I would one day be emulating you, and how grateful I am for that.

One of the many meals that my mother cooked for us was Chicken Paprikas. Not only is this one of our national dishes, it also has many versions since you can substitute the chicken for veal cubes or mushrooms. It is sooo delicious, but most importantly, a very healthy and quick meal to prepare.

Watching my mother prepare meals over my life-time, I have learned many of her skills in providing nutritious, yet simple dishes with minimal preparation time.

I hope you all have the opportunity to try this wonderful dish and let me know how you and your family have enjoyed it. I can tell you one thing, this recipe has been circulated world-wide by my friends who have eaten this meal at my home, asked for the recipe ,and have further sent it on….from Canada to Bosnia to Australia and around the globe, and now to you.

2 medium onions - diced
1 1/2 tspn Hungarian SWEET PAPRIKA
1-2 pounds Chicken Breasts - cubed
1 Large Tomato - diced
1 Sweet Pepper (yellow, red, or orange) - Cut in half
Cooking Oil
Pinch of Salt - Or To Suit your Own Taste

Add cooking oil to pot.
Add Onions and cook until Soft
Add Chicken and cook until no longer pink
Sprinkle Hungarian Paprika over chicken/onion mixture
Add Pepper, Tomato, Salt and cover pot.

Cook it for one hour - make sure the chicken is fully cooked through.

The tomato releases its natural juices and you will find that you have a dish that resembles chicken stew.

Separately cook either rice or pasta to serve over the chicken. We use German noodles that are approximately 2 inches long when fully cooked.

If you do not wish to use chicken, just substitute it for Veal or Mushrooms. These dishes are called Borju Paprikas - Veal Paprikas and Gomba Paprikas - Mushroom Paprikas. You prepare it the same way minus the chicken.

Guaranteed to become family favorites. Bon Appetite!

I welcome all your comments and look forward to hearing from you when you have tried this wonderful dish.

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