Monday, April 19, 2010

Popularity of Stacking Rings

The versatility of stacking rings is that you can mix and match these rings in so many different ways. The more rings you have, the more choices you have. Wear them all together, 2, 3, or 4 at a time. I love the way you can alternate the patterns. So for example, if you choose to wear 3 gemstone stacking rings, you can have 3 different looks by alternating the pattern of the rings--kind of like a puzzle ring. With the 3 stone ring above, wear the opal in the front and the darker coral in the back and switch, you could put the large light coral in the back, or the front and switch the other smaller rings around it.
Monday is one look, Tuesday another. You can also wear them individually--one on every finger if you choose, or 1 on each hand.
Another unique way to wear them is with small thin bands in-between.
Since gemstones have different meanings, i.e. ruby - love, citrine - happiness, peridot - good cheer, many people give these rings as friendship rings too because of their sentimental value.
They definitely will enhance the colors of your wardrobe.
Best thing about these rings is their value factor--one price for all these rings :)
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reasons for Investing in a Quality Piece of Diamond Jewelry

You have often heard the expression that you need to spend two months salary for a quality engagement ring. I personally think that two months salary is a bit too much, and that a one month salary is a more reasonable amount for the average person. Taking it one step further, this should not only apply for an engagement ring, but for a QUALITY piece of diamond jewelry.
I've always believed that that quality of a diamond jewelry is more important than the size. As an example, one of our customers, a young woman who has been in the work force for a little over a year, and had a limited budget, wanted to purchase a quality pair of diamond stud earrings. Quality was a priority for her--not the size. She purchased a 5 pt. VVS1 pair of diamond studs. When she wears them, the earrings radiate such sparkle, because they are a quality pair of earrings. This was a wise investment for her and they will only increase in their value.
To put it into a different perspective, let's say your budget is $2-4,000--diamonds are forever and will last you a lifetime. If you spent $25-30,000 on your car, how much is it going to be worth in 10 years? When its time to trade it in, or drive it to the junk yard, you will spend that much, if not more to replace it.
Diamonds retain or increase in their value, they look brand new forever, they will not wear out, break down, get old, be trendy, but will last a lifetime.
Do your research and make sure you educate yourself about the 4 "C's" --carat weight, clarity, color and cut. Before you make your purchase, do look and compare prices and quality. Most importantly purchase from a reputable jeweler.
Any questions, its my pleasure to answer them.
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