Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Chronicle of How the State of the World Can Inspire A Signature Jewellery Design - Part 3

What symbols would represent a union of thetwo words POSITIVITY EQUALS PROSPERITY?

There is a symbol in the world that reaches all cultures. Its meaning is universal, it knows no boundaries and it brings people together—the heart. The heart, as we all know, represents love. It also signifies compassion, graciousness, kindness, joy and is the core of our emotions. There are also expressions of the heart that we use when we want to amplify an endearment about or referring to someone—“giving heart”, “heart of gold”, “good hearted”, “good hearted laugh”.

The framework of my design was definitely centered on the heart, yet I wanted to incorporate within the heart something that reflected change—a new beginning. It had to be something that was naturally occurring and flowed harmoniously—it had to be the perfect balance, but most importantly, it had to be representative of nature.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Chronicle of How The State of the World Can Inspire a Signature Jewelery Design - Part Two

For many months I spent countless hours thinking of the type of piece I wanted to design—it had to be a piece that was not only attractive but inspirational in that it would remind the wearer to focus on the beauty of life, living to your full potential and having a positive attitude.

The answer came from a higher source. One day I woke up with two words in my mind—positivity equals prosperity. Why these two words? For the past several months I’ve spoken to so many people that have been affected by the current global crises. As well, every time I open the newspaper or watch the news, the words are so powerfully negative—recession, economic hardships, unemployment, foreclosures, depression, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Now for someone who practices positive affirmations everyday, who is upbeat, happy and always smiles (and no I don’t live in Disneyland) I had enough of the daily negative reminders. We get it, we know!!

How we handle, react and accept things are keys to our emotional and spiritual well being. As well, our inner dialogue or self-talk is the key to how we handle and react to situations. Have you ever noticed that when you think of something that brings you joy, recall a happy event or think of a single word that is positive, you feel good and most likely have a smile on your face and calmness may come upon you?

Three of my favorite words are sunshine, blessings and positive. These words are spoken or thought of interchangeably everyday depending on the situation.

The world needs a shake-up to get out of this negative mind set. When you are positive you are prosperous in all areas of your life—relationships, health, work, emotions, etc. We cannot control what is happening in the world, but we certainly can take charge of our mind set and change the way we think, react and accept things in our lives. Being positive is a state of mind and the world needs to embrace a new way of thinking in order to change all the negative energy. You can dramatically improve the quality of your life especially your health.

I truly believe in my heart that these words positivity equals prosperity, are an inspiration from a higher source. I believe we can all find an inspiration in our hearts if we truly reach out, but also reflect within ourselves.

Being positive is a state of mind and the world needs to embrace a new way of thinking in order to bring about positive changes. When you are positive in your thought, attitude and actions you are prosperous in all areas of your life.

I wanted to capture in my design the essence of my thoughts that would uplift one’s spirit, re-energize the psyche, change the inner dialogue and mind set so that when one wore this piece the words positivity equals prosperity would be their reminder to think, react, act positively, but most importantly to believe in themselves that they can make a positive difference in their lives by focusing on only the good.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

A Chronicle of How the State of the World Can Inspire a Signature Jewellery Design - Part 1

What influences the design of a certain piece of jewelry? Does the design reflect something that is very personal to the artist or can the artist be a free spirit and go with the flow and even surprise her/himself with the final outcome?

Many artisan designers/jewelers have a certain design genre that represents their individual and unique style—their pieces are as unique as their signature. You can see this with many internationally known designers as their pieces are sold worldwide.

While people are attracted to jewelry at first by its beauty, they also can connect and relate to jewelry at an emotional level. You have often heard that expression, “there was just something about that piece that I was drawn too”. When one wears such a piece, there is a deeper and often more significant meaning for the individual.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Innovative Ways With Wedding Bands

While a wedding band is symbolically worn on the 4th finger of the left or right hand--you certainly are not "married" or limited how you can wear these rings.

Acquiring a small band that securely fits your baby finger is a classic look. I have seen numerous people wear bands on their opposite hand and quite often that is
all they wear on that hand. For some individuals, it might be a treasured and beloved inherited ring that once belonged to someone very special.

The classic tri-color puzzle band is another popular ring that many people wear on their pinky--some actually buy it for that purpose.

If you have a band that does not fit your pinky, why not wear it as a pendant by simply putting a chain through it.

You can also modify the band by adding diamonds and recreating it as an eternity band. If you have a plain gold band, this newly revitalized diamond band would be a beautiful complimenting ring beside your existing gold band.

Depending on the size of the band, you could have a gemstone or initial set in the center, a bale added and worn as a pendant.

If the band is wide enough, you could have it sawn in half. You could keep one for yourself, and give the other half to a loved one. You could also wear one on your wedding finger, and the other half on a pinky. As well, add diamonds to the one half.

An experienced jeweler can work wonders in revitalizing an older band.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Connecting Emotionally With Jewelry

What draws you to that particular piece of jewelry. Is it the gem, the design, does it have a significant meaning?

Jewelery, like perfume, is such a personal choice because we have our own unique tastes.

For many people, while it is a personal adornment that is an accent piece for an outfit, for other's a certain style or type of jewelry can reflect their signature taste.

There are people who love cameo's, while someone else might like large earrings, while another person's choice might be all things diamonds.

As well, there are people who wear symbolic pieces of jewelry that reflect their love for a sport, event, lifestyle, hobby, etc.

The necklace pictured above is inspired by the beauty of nature and the majestic oceans. The outline of a butterfly with its flowing wings almost comes to life as the body and wings are shaped like leaves, vines and flowers--absolutely breathtaking.

The beautiful carving in the center depicts a very refined lady with noble features. The carving has a creamy color while the background is light pink and is meticulously set in a multi prong setting.

Outer complimenting orange/red corals are a dramatic and bold accent and truly brings the entire piece to life.

An individual who loves all things about nature, mother-earth, animals, oceans would be able to completely understand the artistans inspiration in this majestic piece.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Slide Bracelet to Slide Statement Necklace

Owning and wearing a statement necklace adds instant glamour and completes any outfit. Whether you wear a plain white T-shirt with a blazer, a black dress, corporate suit or evening dress, adding a "statement necklace" will transform the look of what you wear from simple to WOW.

You can wear them from day to night. A word of advice, it is not recommended to wear other large pieces of jewelry with statement necklaces as it would look too overpowering since the eyes would be drawn away from the necklace.

Definitely a wise investment for a piece you will wear for many years.

This magnificent wearable work of art was inspired from the vintage era when slide bracelets were adorned and collected by many ladies. Slide bracelets are as unique as the individual who wears them.

Each slide is handmade and set with vibrant gemstones of assorted sizes, colors and shapes--gems included are scarab turquoise, coral, garnet, cameo, amethyst, angel skin coral, mother of pearl, garnet, tourmalines, opal, turquoise. All stones are genuine.

Slides are very unique and individual in design, texture and are well balanced with the way the large and medium slides are laid out. The extra large angel skin coral cameo is the focal point as your eyes are drawn to them.

Some of the stones have natural markings while others have small fine markings since the stones are all recycled from vintage pieces of jewelery. They were given a new look in this vintage inspired neck-piece. In many ways, this is a vintage piece with artisan appeal.

Entire piece is sterling silver and is stamped on the large cameo on the back. Chain measures 20 inches when completely open and is stamped sterling. Entire piece weighs 40 grams. Each slide is divided by a bead. Stones are bezel and prong set.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Making a Statement with a "Statement Necklace"

A substantial neckpiece, or "statement necklace", is a necklace that you wear only on its own. They have so much detailing, can be substantial in size, very decorative and ornate, can be worn at varyings length by adding an extra jump ring.

Wear them over bare skin with an open shirt, or over a closed turtle neck, or button down shirt. Wear them with a beautiful evening gown or cocktail dress.

Depending on the design, do not wear overpowering earrings--keep the earrings simple as the eyes will be drawn away from the neckpiece.

A complimenting statement ring would flow very nicely as the eyes are drawn from the necklace to the hands.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Annual Check-Up of Your Jewels

As summer vacation comes to an end, the children are back to school, and all has settled, I always like to clean out my kitchen cupboards, fridge, empty drawers of a lot of clutter--call it a renewal or a refreshing of my household. September has always represented the beginning of a new year.

With this said, I also suggest to many of my customers to give the same attention to their jewelery. Do you have broken jewelery that you have been putting off to being repaired? When was the last time you looked at each individual piece of jewelery to make sure that the stones are properly set and not loose in their settings, that the shank of your ring is not overly thin, that the clasps on your chains or necklaces are working, or that the safety chain/clasp is not broken? Are there stones that are broken and need replacement? Are there odd pieces of jewelry that you would like to have remodelled so that you could enjoy wearing them again?

Now that I have you thinking about this, look through your jewelry box and see what needs repairing or updating. Like your car, you have it tuned up yearly so that you will drive it for many years. By adhering to a little TLC for your jewels, you will enjoy wearing them for many years.

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