Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Annual Check-Up of Your Jewels

As summer vacation comes to an end, the children are back to school, and all has settled, I always like to clean out my kitchen cupboards, fridge, empty drawers of a lot of clutter--call it a renewal or a refreshing of my household. September has always represented the beginning of a new year.

With this said, I also suggest to many of my customers to give the same attention to their jewelery. Do you have broken jewelery that you have been putting off to being repaired? When was the last time you looked at each individual piece of jewelery to make sure that the stones are properly set and not loose in their settings, that the shank of your ring is not overly thin, that the clasps on your chains or necklaces are working, or that the safety chain/clasp is not broken? Are there stones that are broken and need replacement? Are there odd pieces of jewelry that you would like to have remodelled so that you could enjoy wearing them again?

Now that I have you thinking about this, look through your jewelry box and see what needs repairing or updating. Like your car, you have it tuned up yearly so that you will drive it for many years. By adhering to a little TLC for your jewels, you will enjoy wearing them for many years.

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