Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Innovative Ways With Wedding Bands

While a wedding band is symbolically worn on the 4th finger of the left or right hand--you certainly are not "married" or limited how you can wear these rings.

Acquiring a small band that securely fits your baby finger is a classic look. I have seen numerous people wear bands on their opposite hand and quite often that is
all they wear on that hand. For some individuals, it might be a treasured and beloved inherited ring that once belonged to someone very special.

The classic tri-color puzzle band is another popular ring that many people wear on their pinky--some actually buy it for that purpose.

If you have a band that does not fit your pinky, why not wear it as a pendant by simply putting a chain through it.

You can also modify the band by adding diamonds and recreating it as an eternity band. If you have a plain gold band, this newly revitalized diamond band would be a beautiful complimenting ring beside your existing gold band.

Depending on the size of the band, you could have a gemstone or initial set in the center, a bale added and worn as a pendant.

If the band is wide enough, you could have it sawn in half. You could keep one for yourself, and give the other half to a loved one. You could also wear one on your wedding finger, and the other half on a pinky. As well, add diamonds to the one half.

An experienced jeweler can work wonders in revitalizing an older band.

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