Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Connecting Emotionally With Jewelry

What draws you to that particular piece of jewelry. Is it the gem, the design, does it have a significant meaning?

Jewelery, like perfume, is such a personal choice because we have our own unique tastes.

For many people, while it is a personal adornment that is an accent piece for an outfit, for other's a certain style or type of jewelry can reflect their signature taste.

There are people who love cameo's, while someone else might like large earrings, while another person's choice might be all things diamonds.

As well, there are people who wear symbolic pieces of jewelry that reflect their love for a sport, event, lifestyle, hobby, etc.

The necklace pictured above is inspired by the beauty of nature and the majestic oceans. The outline of a butterfly with its flowing wings almost comes to life as the body and wings are shaped like leaves, vines and flowers--absolutely breathtaking.

The beautiful carving in the center depicts a very refined lady with noble features. The carving has a creamy color while the background is light pink and is meticulously set in a multi prong setting.

Outer complimenting orange/red corals are a dramatic and bold accent and truly brings the entire piece to life.

An individual who loves all things about nature, mother-earth, animals, oceans would be able to completely understand the artistans inspiration in this majestic piece.

It's all about you and what brings joy to you when you wear your personal adornment. Digg Technorati Delicious StumbleUpon Reddit BlinkList Furl Mixx Facebook Google Bookmark Yahoo

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