Friday, April 10, 2009

Several New Ideas for Wedding Bands

As you gaze into each other's eyes on your wedding day, and exchange vows and slip on your new, shining wedding forward a few years and your new shiney wedding band is well broken in.

After 18 years of marriage, not only is my wedding band well broken in, but so is my iron.....

The day, I said I do, I also inherited the joys of ironing my husband's business shirts--I loathe ironing.

He knows not to come near me when I have a hot iron in my hands.

As our 5 year anniversary was approaching, I was rather vocal about acquiring a new diamond wedding band, aka, eternity ring. Well my beloved, heard me loud and clear.....I was cutting out pictures and posting them in his car and on his bathroom mirror. He showed them to my father, and basically had my father make one for me.

On the evening of our anniversary, my Romeo (aka Les), took me out for a beautiful romantic dinner, got down on his knees, and proposed again--with my beautiful eternity band. I must say, he was not nervous the second time around.... :)

If you wish to have a diamond eternity band, but do not wish to purchase one, you can have diamonds added to your original wedding band. If you have an extra band, perhaps one that you have inherited, you can have diamonds added to that one. The advantage here is that your original wedding band is not altered, and you have a "new ring" from an "old ring". You can wear the two rings together, or three if you wear it with your engagement ring. Or wear your eternity band and engagement ring together for a real sparkling combination.

Two or more narrow wedding bands can be soldered together at the seams to create one band. You could wear it with your wedding band or on your other hand.

If you have several thin bands which are similar in width, they could all be connected and worn as a rolling/puzzle ring. A perfect example is the classic tricolor pink, yellow and gold rolling band. Imagine how elegant it would look if one of the thin bands was an eternity band and was blended with two other two tone bands.

A larger wedding band, such as a gentlemens, can have a gemstone set into the center, a bale added and worn as a pendant.

A plain gold band can have a totally new look by adding small designs on the ring. For example, you could have twisted wire added along the edges or small beads soldered to the surface. If the ring is thick enough why not have a design cut out all the way around. The words "I Love You" could be engraved all the way around your band, especially if it is wide enough.

Sentimental at heart? Your parents or grandparents wedding bands might be very dear to you and they are just sitting in your jewelry box. The smaller could could be slightly cut, interlocked with the larger ring, a bale added and you could then wear it as a pendant.



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