Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Calling all Ladies with Charm Bracelets

I remember as a child receiving my first charm bracelet with a charm. My "first charm", oh yes, my father with his great sense of humour, took my "first tooth" and encased it in a small gold setting and that was my first charm. As the years passed, each charm that I received reflected a part of me--ballet slippers, trophy, my first ring, etc.

Charm bracelets are as unique as your signature and no two are alike. I enjoyed wearing my charm bracelet throughout my growing years, but after a while, I can honestly say that I got bored of it.

It was tucked away for several years and when I started wearing it again as a young adult, it became an annoyance--it got caught in things and jingled all the time. Too bad I never thought to wear it around the Christmas season--Santa and I would have had a lot of jingle belling in common :)

Well, it got put away again for a few more years.....but when I rediscovered it, I looked at it in a whole new light. Instead of wearing it as a bracelet, I thought how about wearing it as a "charm necklace"?

With a simple modification, the closures were removed and a chain was soldered to each end of the bracelet. Today, I wear it as one of my signature pieces of jewelery. It is not tucked away in my jewelery box, but worn in its full glory.

Another suggestion would be to have the charms removed and wear them as individual pendants, or have them individually soldered to a chain with large links. Not only would you have a new neck-piece, but a new bracelet.

And yes, I still get questions about that tooth......

Positively Always,


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