Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unique Qualities of Artisan Jewellery

As unique as your signature, artisan jewellers have their own signature markings, style, design genre, personality that is quite prevalent in their design and creations. The beauty of artisan jewellery is that they are not massed produced and truly are distinct because of their unique features.
These could include using specific type of metals , i.e. gold, silver, platinum, copper, plastic, wood, etc. As well, mixing the two or more metals can add a unique dimension to individual designs--coolness of silver and warmth of gold. Some jewellers prefer to use a mix of many semi precious gems in their creations, while some might opt for just a smooth finish--gem free.
Refined and elegant touches can truly dress up what would have been a very simple piece of jewellery. The peach moonstone ring above illustrates this point, with the cluster of flowers set on both sides of the shank. As well, the heart shaped peridot above, is set around a multi heart setting which further compliments and adds that refinement to the heart shaped stone. Its these considerations, that truly make an artisan piece of jewellery so special and unique.
If you have your own design in mind, working together with an artisan jeweller can be beneficial as the two of you can collaborate your ideas for the ultimate signature jewellery.
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