Friday, October 23, 2009

The Luxury of Layering Necklaces

Accessorizing with layers of chains or beads is one of the most hottest looks this season and one that will be around for a while.

Vision a simple black or white T-shirt and how it will explode with style when you add layers of necklaces to it. You have transformed it from plain to magnificent. You could achieve the same look with a turtle neck or closed shirt.

I personally love the look and feel of chains/beads against skin. It definitely projects a different look, one of sexiness, playfulness or 5 star elegance.

Here are some ideas on how to achieve some unique layering looks:

Chains can be layered at varying lengths, i.e. choker, mid length and long dangling. If your chains are similar in thickness/width, it would flow very nicely. Wearing an assortment of textures, i.e. simple fine chain, medium link chain, large wide chain, would give another unique look.

You can wear the same metal colors together, i.e. gold with gold, silver with silver, or mix and match both. The advantage of mixing is that the rest of your jewellery can be mixed and match too. You could add a silver pair of earrings, while your rings are gold.

To break up the look of the chains, you can add a strand of beads to add color to a matching outfit. So playing with that suggestion, lets say you have a short necklace, add mid length beads and a then a longer chain. Or, mid length chain and long beads--the ideas are endless.

Layering with pendants is another unique look. Imagine beads mixed with pendants, or a couple of simple chains and then a WOW pendant added with a long chain.

Theme layering is also quite unique, i.e. if you have necklaces that have certain designs, i.e. floral, constellation (moon/stars), romance (hearts), animals, could create a unique look.

Mix vintage and antique pieces together with contemporary pieces for another look from another era.

Pearls are always a wonderful accent because of their classic look since pearls can be worn with every outfit for every occasion.

If you can, try to plan ahead the look you want to achieve. Look at what you are going to wear and then see what works with the garment. You don't want to create a 'thrown together' look, unless you want a Bohemian look, then go ahead :)

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