Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Chronicle of How the State of the World Can Inspire a Signature Jewellery Design

Everything came full circle as I found the perfect symbol. This symbol represents birth, growth, maturity, change, new beginnings and freshness—a leaf. Leaves epitomize “new beginnings” with each new season as they start off as a bud and then “grow” and “change” as they reach “full maturity”.

From a historical perspective, leaves such as the four leaf clover or shamrock represent fame, wealth, abundance, happiness, good luck. For those that desire change, a leaf represents “turning over a new leaf”.

The heart shaped leaf epitomizes the grace and beauty of all that is symbolic of a heart and leaf. Call it the perfect union—a marriage made in heaven.

The leaf had still not come full circle since I had to find a way to embed the letter “P” within the leaf. Again, it had to be a natural part of the leaf, but also had to stand out. As I was sketching out various “P’s”, I finally hit the nail on the head. The straight line of the “P” is the primary vein in the center, while at the same time, the letter is raised to stand out.

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