Monday, October 19, 2009

Signature Slide Necklace that Delivers Style, Elegance and Bang for Your Buck.

A substantial neckpiece, or "statement necklace", is a necklace that you wear only on its own. They have so much detailing, can be substantial in size, very decorative and ornate, can be worn at varyings length by adding an extra jump ring.
Wear them over bare skin with an open shirt, or over a closed turtle neck, or button down shirt. Wear them with a beautiful evening gown or cocktail dress.
Depending on the design, do not wear overpowering earrings--keep the earrings simple as the eyes will be drawn away from the neckpiece. A complimenting statement ring would flow very nicely as the eyes are drawn from the necklace to the hands.
Owning and wearing a statement necklace adds instant glamour and completes any outfit. Whether you wear a plain white T-shirt with a blazer, a black dress, corporate suit or evening dress, adding a "statement necklace" will transform the look of what you wear from simple to WOW.You can wear them from day to night.
A word of advice, it is not recommended to wear other large pieces of jewelry with statement necklaces as it would look too overpowering since the eyes would be drawn away from the necklace. Definitely a wise investment for a piece you will wear for many years.
This magnificent wearable work of art was inspired from the vintage era when slide bracelets were adorned and collected by many ladies. Slide bracelets are as unique as the individual who wears them.
Each slide is handmade and set with vibrant precious and semi precious gemstones of assorted sizes, colors and shapes--gems included are: amethyst, sapphire, emerald, coral, opal, ruby, citrine, turquoise, tourmaline. All stones are genuine.
Slides are very unique and individual in design, texture, size, and shape. Several of the slides have fine detailing accents on the front that include flowers, engraved lines and small beads. The fine detailing can also be seen on the sides of some of the slides. Slides are matched pairs, but each pair is set with a unique gemstone hue.
The center large amethyst has a very rich color and the intriguing feature of this beautiful gem are the beautiful natural inclusions. This stone measures 14 x 16mm and is prong set in a very regal setting.
All the gems are genuine and are an assortment of sizes--2, 3, 3.5, 6x8mm. There is a small emerald that has natural fissure markings on the surface.
Entire piece is sterling silver and is stamped sterling on the back of the large amethyst and has a vermeil finish. Chain measures 19 inches when completely open and the links have a unique oval design that blends and compliments with the slides. Entire piece weighs 31 grams. Each slide is divided by a bead.
If you wish to view this piece close up and see each individual slide, please click the link below:
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