Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reinventing the Charm Bracelet - A New Way to Wear Them

My dearest and most treasured first piece of jewelery was my childhood charm bracelet. I remember receiving the bracelet with a chewed little gold heart (the heart was a pendant that I wore all the time as a very small child--you can see in the pictures the rough surface--first day of school is to blame--separation anxiety from my mother :( . The other charm that accompanied my bracelet, was my first tooth, which my father encased in a bezel setting.
As the years passed, each charm that I received reflected my individuality and what and where I was going in my life. A few that you can see are a ballerina, boat, Christmas tree, and the most recent one, Mother.
No two charm bracelets are alike and that is what makes them as unique as your signature.
My charm bracelet was not worn for many years because it got caught in things and jingled too much.
I missed wearing it because of the personal history behind it and because it was such a sentimental and endearing piece--charms given to me by my parents.
One day as I was admiring it, a light went on in my head--a brainstorm, a great idea--that would allow me to wear it again, in its fully glory!
I had the bracelet transformed into a charm necklace. Originally when I had it modified, I took a simple gold necklace, had my father cut it in half, and each half was soldered to both ends of the bracelet.
After several years of wearing it this way, I once again, wanted to update its look--the result can be seen in the photos above.
For many years, I wore my vintage choker round link necklace on its own. This time, the charms were removed and individually added to the links on my choker.
You can see how elegant and classic this piece looks. It has given my charms a whole new dimension, as well as new necklace for me. Not to mention, that I have a new gold bracelet, charm free, which is now going to be given to my little girl, for her to begin her own collection.
Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent......
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