Monday, August 24, 2009

Wearing Your Special Occasion Jewelry Every Day

For many people with fine jewelry, especially special occasion jewelery, such as fine strand of pearls, diamond earrings, cocktail ring, ornate brooch, they only choose to wear their fine pieces for select occasions.

Jewelry is meant to be adorned, adored and worn to the max. If you consider how much you invested and how often you wear a certain piece, are you getting the most pleasure out of it?

Now, of course, I am not suggesting that you wear your fancy jewels when you go out bowling or grocery shopping, but if you stop and think of all the other times you can be enjoying your jewelry, you will discover how much more pleasure they will bring to you rather than having them hidden and worn for only special occasions--jewels are meant to be worn.

The brooch pictured above, was worn on the lapel of a jean jacket as well as for formal events, by the previous owner. This was a treasured piece that she wore every opportunity that she could.

Clothes need accessories to complete their look. Certain outfits need a very polished look by adding a pearl strand. Your diamond earrings will add such elegant and class to any outfit you wear.

Look at your jewelry in a different way, be adventurous and daring and don't limit yourself to how often you can wear your beautiful jewels.

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