Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tips About Earring Purchases and Wear

We all love earrings, as they are such a vital part of a woman's jewelery collection. There are a few things that you should know.....

The earrings that you just purchased or received as a gift should have the closure cleaned with an alcohol swab—this will kill any bacteria. You do not know who tried on those earrings before you.

When putting on earrings, especially studs, most people press their index finger against the stone while pushing in the butterfly. It is wise to put a tissue over the surface of the stone as you apply the closure since your finger leaves an impression on the stone’s surface and takes away from the brilliance, sparkle and shine of the stone.

If you have post and butterfly earrings, the butterfly should not glide on too easily, but rather should be pushed on the post. If it glides too easily, it can also slip off easily and you would lose your earrings.
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