Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making a "Statement" With Your Statement Jewelry

Are you trying to make a statement? This question can be interpreted in many different contexts--whether through dress, accessory, a comment made, a stand taken, etc.
When you make a statement with jewelry, you are sending a message. Depending on the type of jewelery you wear, it can for example define your personality, that you take a stand on an issue (especially if it is a symbolic piece of jewelry that you are wearing), it can send a message, or there is a meaning behind it.
It can be in any form of jewelery, whether it is an elaborate neck piece, brooch, ring, but usually, the piece is eye catching and is a conversation piece. In other words, it is a piece that stimulates conversation because it stands out in size, color, design, or meaning.
Michele Obama, wears many statement pieces. She can wear a large single brooch, or intertwined multi strands of pearls and they will be noticed by everyone because they are worn individually, are bold and stand out.
When you open a magazine next time, take a look at how models wear a single piece of jewelry that stand out in the photo. What caught your attention about it? That single piece of jewelry is making a statement.
Wearing a statement piece of jewelry, should stand not be worn in conjunction with too many other pieces.
What is your favorite statement?
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