Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two-Tone Jewelry - Gold/Silver - Compliment Each Other For Upcoming Season

Combining your gold and silver jewelry is sure to be a big hit for the upcoming fall season. Whether you wear a gold/silver bangle bracelet on one arm, or gold ring on one finger and a silver ring on the other--they look stylish and very classic.

As well, gold/silver combined jewelry and watches are also very popular since you can wear either type of jewelry with them. Many automatic watches, as an example, are made from stainless steel and have silver/gold accents. Certain watches that are stainless steel have silver/gold accents. A very beautiful combination is wearing a watch with a bracelet on the same wrist.

If you have some silver/gold chains that are the same length, try intertwining them to look as one chain.

If you have an antique or vintage wedding band that is yellow gold, try pairing it with a silver band for an updated and oh so tres chic look.

Open your jewelry box and see what unique combination and ideas you can come up with.

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