Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Innovative Ways to Gift Wrap Jewellery

Who doesn't love receiving jewellery as a gift? However, if you are the giver and not receiver, I have some suggestions for gift wrapping jewellery that are fun and quite unique, and will certainly put smiles on every one's face.
If you are giving a brooch or pin, attach it to a sweater or scarf. The person receiving it will be so pleasantly surprised to see that they are receiving this beautiful e.g. sweater and then be even more surprised by the complimenting pin.
Why not slip a ring on a pair of gloves. Perhaps the gloves are a part of a hat/scarf set.
If you know someone's favorite brand of wine or champagne, empty the content into another empty bottle, attach a ribbon to a ring or earring, lower it into the bottle and tie the ribbon around the outside of the bottle and wrap it up. When they open it, up, they will be pleasantly surprised--then go fill up your wine/champagne glasses with the reserved drink and have a toast to celebrate.
Coffee lovers will enjoy this one. Empty a canister of coffee beans, slip the jewellery piece in there--make sure the jewellery is in something and refill. Give a complimenting coffee mug with it. This certainly gives a whole new meaning to the expression "coffee never tasted so good"
Take an empty papertowel roll, place jewellery item in, and place confetti inside and I guarantee there will be a burst of confetti when it is opened.
If you are giving clothing, why not conceal the jewellery item in one of the pockets.
A beautiful plant or fresh cut flowers can conceal jewellery, either by wrapping it within the plant, or actually attaching it to a petal or leaf.
Fill an ice bucket with confetti and place jewellery in it.
For the sweet tooth, slip a ring on a rolled candy and place in a stocking with other candies so it blends in.
You can also slip a piece of jewellery onto a Christmas ornament as a natural part of the tree's decoration, or slip it on to the tree branch directly.
If giving a stuffed animal, add the jewellery to the "Teddy".
Have fun and be creative. I would love to hear of your other creative ideas.
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  1. what fun and wonderful ideas. I love so many of them. Gives me something more to think about as I prepare to celebrate Christmas this year with no santa, I have to come up with something else fun to do...concealing and specially wrapping gifts is a great idea.

  2. besides giving the gift, half the fun is being creative in ways to even create more excitement :) I'm glad you enjoyed dthe article