Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Piece of Jewellery - Many Different Looks

Imagine owning a single piece of jewellery and wearing it in many different unique ways--what a great investment for your money!
This single amethyst necklace, as an example can be worn at is original long length. Worn over a closed shirt or turtle neck, it would look quite very elegant. Now, imagine wearing an open neck shirt, or sundress and wrapping it around your neck twice--instant choker. It looks likes like such a substantial piece with such a different look. Another option is to wrap it around your neck once and let the longer section hang down--a choker and long chain in one. If you love bracelets, why not wrap it around your wrist and you have quite a dramatic multil chain gemstone bracelet.
If the chain is long enough, could be worn as a belt too.
Why not attach a single cufflink in the center of a shirt, for a unique look. The same look can also be achieved with stud earrings, again the size of both of these need to be taken into consideration.
If you have a brooch/pin, you can have a bale added to it to wear it as a pendant so you have the versatility to wear it either way. If you do not want to add a bale then depending on the design, you can pull a piece of ribbon, cord or chain through the back pin at the closure. Make sure it is closed securely.
Discover all the potential in your jewellery collection.
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