Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pearl and Diamond Jewellery Are Building Blocks for Future Purchases

I recall when my parents had their retail jewellery store and parents, grandparents and godparents would come in to purchase dainty little pearl stud earrings. As a small child, I could not appreciate the significance of such a purchase for a little girl or young woman.
I do remember some of the conversations for the reasons that people purchased pearl earrings; "My daughter is turning 16, and this is her first pearl jewellery", "Our granddaughter was born in June, and pearl is her birthstone", another customer, who enjoyed purchasing fine jewellery for his wife and daughters, put it simply, and I never forgot his reasoning..."When I buy pearl jewellery for the women in my life, I am buying a piece that they will keep forever and I can buy complimenting pieces for them".
Pearl and diamond jewellery are classic pieces that can be worn everyday, with every outfit, every occasion, everyday, 24-7. They are timeless and stand the test of time from generation to generation.
They are neutral colored pieces of gems and can be mixed with other gem jewellery. They are the building blocks for future pieces, i.e. pearl earring = pearl ring, pearl strand, pearl ring, pearl brooch, pearl pendant.
One key factor to remember is that quality of gem is more important than size. An example would be the choice between purchasing a 5 pt. fine quality diamond versus a 10pt. poor quality diamond. If you invest in a high quality smaller diamond, I promise you that the stone will sparkle and will be noticed from a distance, versus a larger one that has no life (brilliance).
Rather wait, and save your money, and when the time is right, invest in a quality piece that you will treasure for a lifetime.
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