Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hiding Your Jewelry at Home - Part 2

Other “home-remedy” solutions for hiding your jewelry would be to place your jewelry in Ziploc bags and hide them under sheets, towels, decorative zippered pillows, rolled into your socks. You can also store your jewels in the bottom of a bin that holds seasonal clothes, Christmas decorations and craft supplies. Tennis anyone….by cutting a slit into a tennis ball and squeezing it open you can place small items in. Your children’s stuffed animals are another less conspicuous place—simply open a seam, slide your jewelry in and re-stitch.

Be sure to keep a list of where your jewelry is hidden and in what. In the worst case scenario, if a thief is clever enough to figure out a decoy’s spot, remember, time is not in his favor, so he would grab and run perhaps with only 1 piece of jewelry rather than your entire lifetime collection.

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