Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hidding Your Jewelry within Your Home - Part One

How well is your jewelry hidden at home? Do you have hiding places? The most obvious place for a thief to find your jewelry in your home is your bedroom, namely in your jewelry box located on top of your dresser.

Try to hide your jewelry throughout your home in various locations. There are unique “props” also known as gimmick gadgets that are made to resemble actual famous brand name products. You can hide your jewelry in them. These containers are replicas of the actual product—i.e. cans of food, household cleansers—these can be kept in their obvious locations. A pop can safe can be kept in the fridge with your other pop drinks, or a cleanser product safe, under your sink with other cleansers. These locations are much less conspicuous.

Other clever prop safes are fruits, vegetables, hollow books, stacks of C.D.’s, rocks, planters. One of my favorites is the replica of an electrical outlet that can be screwed into any wall in any room.

These replicas are not expensive and displayed in the appropriate spots where they look natural do not arouse suspicion from a potential thief.
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