Monday, July 27, 2009

Cufflinks As a Fashion Accessory for Women

As women like to borrow each other's clothes--especially within the same household--two sisters, mother-daughter, you might be asking to borrow something very soon from the male members of your family.

Cufflinks, have always been the accessory for gentlemen. It gives a polished and professional look to a cufflink, as well as a touch of class and elegance to a shirt.

These days, more ladies are discovering that cufflinks are a fashion accessory for themselves. It completes an outfit and depending on the type of cufflinks you wear, can give the outfit the look you wish to achieve.

I personally love the older vintage cufflinks not only because they are from another era, but because they are truly distinct in character.
The one pictured above is very old, and does not have any engraving on the faces. Since the design is very neutral, it could grace the cuff of a ladies crisp white shirt or favorite denim shirt. You could have initials, symbol, or design engraved on the the front.

If you have a blazer with a few buttons, you could remove the last button and put the cufflink through the button hole. You would have to add another button hole for proper insertion.
Another unique look, this would take a little modification on a shirt, would be to replace two existing buttons with a cufflink. You would have to make a second button hole.

I am confident that if you look through your wardrobe, you will find some innovative ways to wear and accessorize cufflinks.
Cufflinks are available in so many materials--gold, silver,platinum, plastic, metal. Some have gemstones, others have unique shapes, animal heads, initials, etc).

Whether you choose to borrow a cufflink from one of the male member of your family, or choose to buy one for yourself, it will add a diverse look to any outfit.

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