Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jeweled 1960's Retro Wedding Bands' Revival

Feeling a little "groovy" or "funky"--wedding bands from the 1960's that were set with gemstones were very popular.

Today, they are once again enjoying a "revival", since they can be worn not only as wedding bands, but also as sporty rings. They look especially classy on a pinky finger.

The gemstone combinations are very vibrant and complimenting with each other. The opal/garnet band pictured here is an example of how the pink hue in the opal was matched with the pink/red garnets--they go hand in hand and look beautiful together.

A unique feature of the rings are the combination of metals used--the coolness of sterling and the warmth of gold. A diverse mix for a dynamic look.

The oxidized background provides more fine detailing and the designs stand out more--they are definitely more prominent.

Twisted wire along with a smooth high polish finish creates a unique mix and contrast of textures.

Some of the rings have the stones set all the way around--if the ring turns on your finger, the design is always the same.

One thing to keep in mind with these rings, is they can only be sized up one size because of the design.

These rings can be combined with your contemporary jewelry. You can also wear them exclusively live only with silver or gold jewelery.

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