Monday, June 8, 2009

Check it Out - Classic Jewels Mixed With Contemporary Jewels

When you open your jewelry case, do you come across some sentimental older pieces of jewelry that once belonged to a grandparent and you were fortunate to receive it as an heirloom keepsake? Vintage and antique jewelry have their own unique styles and designs that were significant to their era. I personally love the Art Deco and Victorian periods.

The beauty of these older treasures is that they are sought after today as they were back in their time. In other words, people are always on the lookout for quality vintage/antique pieces. The pieces may be gold, silver, gold filled, metal–but you can do so much by combining them with your contemporary jewelry.
A classic example is how you can take a gentlemen’s watch chain and depending on length, you could wrap it around your neck as a unique necklace, or wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet. Either way you wear it, you could combine any contemporary jewelry with it and it would look absolutely classic.

Your wedding band and engagement ring on one hand, would be very complimenting with a vintage or antique ring on your other hand. If you like to wear multiple earrings, you could wear a small stud combined with an older pair of earrings. Imagine a simple little diamond stud with a beautiful antique chandelier style earring. A classic watch worn with a simple link bracelet beside it is a beautiful combination.

Mix and match and have fun, be creative and you will see the diversity you can create from your own collection. The ideas are endless, the imagination immeasurable.

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