Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creative Channels fpr Designing Your Jewelry - Part 2

If you can draw a little, then buy a good sketch pad and when a creative moment strikes you, fill that pad with shapes and textures. You may have bursts of ingenious creativity; use those moments passionately and let the creativity in you flow.

Carry a small notebook with you because you never known when a creative idea hits you—it can be a thought, image or a word.

Think of words that are associated with the theme or type of jewelry you wish to have designed. Descriptive words evoke images, patterns, shapes and shades. As an example, if you are a boater, the words associated with that are speed, nautical, adventurous, waves, compass and buoys. Key words that would describe a swimmer include wind, water, athletic, strength and endurance, movement, flowing and graceful. When you look at these words, you can visualize shapes, lines and textures which can be incorporated into your design.

If you are looking at designing an initial, name, or expression, look at various types of fonts, calligraphy books or sites that specialize with lettering styles.

When you are researching the area/subject that focuses on your jewelry, pull out detailed information, choosing only the most significant feature(s) so that as the design evolves, it becomes that much more exact and detailed. You have a starting point from which to begin; from there you can add, take away, substitute, analyze until it is the way you vision it.

It certainly helps when you know someone who can draw or is even a professional artist, as one of our customer’s sister-in-law is. Designing her ring and matching pendant was a breeze. Ciara knew exactly what she wanted. Her sister-in-law with her fine sketching pencils and artist pad started sketching as Ciara started describing in fine detail the design. As the design was beginning to evolve it became more and more refined as Ciara looked on and guided the “artist”. When the sketches were complete she took them to her jeweler and a few weeks later was elated to see the final outcome of her original design—her ring and pendant.

An artist can also recreate a piece from pictures that you have collected. It would probably make their job easier to see actual pictures. As you communicate what you vision from the various pictures, it becomes that much more focused and exact for the artist to create the desired piece of jewelry. Digg Technorati Delicious StumbleUpon Reddit BlinkList Furl Mixx Facebook Google Bookmark Yahoo

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