Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pairing Gold with Silver Equals Affordability

With the soaring price of gold and no indication that the prices will go down, prices have only escalated on jewelry. This translates into hesitation in purchasing gold jewelry since your buying power may be more limited.

An option that I would like to suggest and for you to consider, if you are looking to acquire a quality piece of jewelry with a limited budget, is to look at silver/gold combined jewelry.

Aesthetically it is a very attractive and a classy combination and also very practical since you can wear your existing gold and silver jewelry together with it. If you strictly wear white gold jewelry then this is a win-win combination since it will look like so natural beside your silver jewelry, as well, the accenting gold can also be white. You can choose which ever carat and color of gold you would like combined.

In our jewelry combinations, we use 9kt - 10kt gold because it keeps the price down. We also use pink gold since we find this color so attractive and alluring beside silver. The cool and sleek look of silver beside the warm and elegant glow of pink has such an appealing and elegant look together.

Most importantly, the AFFORDABILITY factor is the KEY reason for the co-blending of these two beautiful metals. The same gemstone gold ring can cost you hundreds more, say for example $450.00, while its alternative can cost you $150.00.

You see, purchasing a quality piece of jewelry can be quite affordable with a little ingenuity, leaving you with a nice chunk of change in your bank account :)

I welcome any inquiries or questions.

Stay in the positive,

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