Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Out of This World Gemstone Combinations

When you go into a jewelry store, some of the most common gemstone combinations you will see are diamonds set with pearls, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.
If you are planning to have a custom piece of jewelry made for yourself, think outside the box of what is tradition and consider some spectacular gemstone options.
There is an incredible variety of gemstones that can be combined to create a unique masterpiece. You will be amazed to discover the unbelievable combinations. Look at the colors in your wardrobe and see what combinations you wear that can inspire you.
Clear stones can be combined with opaque or translucent stones. Gemstones that have natural inclusions can be combined with clear stones.
Gemstones of similar colors can be set together to compliment or enhance each other's color, i.e. lime green peridot with emeralds, light blue aquamarine with sky blue topaz, pink tourmaline with rubies.
One of my favorite stones is moonstone. It can be combined with opals and sapphires for a truly magical combination. One of the intriguing features of moonstone is the stone's shimmer--the magical glow that glides across the surface of the stone (a.k.a adularescence) when combined with an opal with its brilliant flashes of color or the sparkle and blue of a sapphire--makes for a stunning and radiant piece of jewelry that will certainly command its fair share of compliments.
Be flamboyant, adventurous, free-spirited and have fun in exploring all the dimensions of gemstones' colors.
I would love to hear from you and what some of your favorite combinations are.
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