Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There are so many great shows on T.V. that focus on organizing your space and de-cluttering your home. These same principles can certainly apply to the way your jewellery is stored and organized.
The most practical place to store your jewellery is in a jewellery box. Jewellery boxes are designed to accommodate a variety of jewellery with their compartments, hooks and slits.
Depending on the type and amount of jewellery you have, you may find that a simple/basic box will best suit your needs, or you may require a more elaborate one. Sometimes even the largest jewellery cases are not big enough for some jewellery aficionados.
One of our customers always likes to joke that no jewellery box is large enough for her jewellery collection and that if she ever moved, she would need a U-Haul just for her jewellery.
Many jewellery boxes are very decorative and elegant. While it is very common to place them on your dresser, it also is the most accessible target for a would-be thief . Out of sight, out of mind is a wise idea. Try to find a good hiding place where you can keep your jewellery box. The safekeeping of your jewellery is very important and your fine jewellery should not be exposed. Your home may have never been broken into, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that people still come into your home and can have slippery fingers.
If you do not have a jewellery case, do you find yourself placing your jewellery on or in your dresser drawer, in this or that, scattered around your home? If you answered yes, then you also risk damaging and misplacing your most treasured valuables.
With some ingenuity and creativity, you can make for yourself or give as a gift jewellery containers and stands to properly store and place jewellery. You might surprise yourself with materials you already have at home, or can purchase inexpensively from a second hand/thrift shop, or your local dollar store.
While expensive jewellery needs to be carefully hidden and kept in a safety deposit box or safe, jewellery that you wear every day, or those pieces that are not as valuable might benefit more from some of these crafty storage creations.
You can display some of your jewellery on a wall like a beautiful picture. If you have a picture frame, especially one with the original hard backing, you could add hooks to it to hang your chains and bracelets. Make sure to place the hooks at different heights.
Another solution would be to mount a cork board on a wall and also add hooks and knob.
Have fun designing the background and exterior with materials such as small seashells, rocks, twigs, sequins and glitter—express yourself, unleash your creativity and have fun!
If you find a wall mount box with drawers and shelves, perhaps an old spice rack or tools box, you could refinish it and add the necessary hardware to customize it to suit your jewellery collection. As well, if it has a small shelf, you could add a small bowl or ashtray to hold a ring or brooch. Backings for the ideas mentioned above could also include wallpaper or a mirror.
Unused drawers could easily convert into a jewellery drawer by lining it with scented drawer paper and then you could put in large deep seashells, crystal coasters or ashtrays and miniature decorative boxes to place your jewellery in.
Many jewellery stores sell soft cloth drawstring pouches for individual pieces of jewellery. You can also find small plastic mini zip-loc bags in which you can store jewellery—available in craft/dollar stores. By storing jewellery in individual bags, it will prevent your jewellery from getting scratched or rubbing against each other.
Other items that you can find within your household include tie rack hooks and key holders for chains, watches, rings and bracelets. A mug holder that has branches can have rings slipped on them.
Now if you really want a fun and challenging project, then take wire clothes hangers and untwist them at the top leaving the semi circular hook intact. Use a plier to straighten the wire stem. You can join a cluster together by either putting them into a glass vase or you can curve the base upward, secure it together with a wire so it can stand freely on its own. Hang your chains and bracelets from it. You can also shape a clothes hanger to resemble a multi-level bee hive, to hook your earrings on to. With both these ideas, you can spray paint, wrap ribbon or wool around the wires.
If you come across a vintage or decorative lamp shade that has a unique shape and design, clean it up and decorate it. Add hooks at the top for your chains, beads and bracelets. It would be a unique center piece on your dresser.
Odd pieces of foam can be cut into any shape and then with an exacto knife you can cut slits so that you can place your rings into them. A decorative box can have a piece of foam fitted in and you have an instant ring box.
A scarf or long piece of ribbon can accommodate European back earrings by pulling the earrings through and then by putting a small knot in between each earring to prevent them from rubbing against each other.
Bubble paper can be rolled up like a jelly roll and you can slide your bangle bracelets through it.
If you want to go green, then find thick and long branches, put the branches in a long vase and fill the vase with decorative rocks or glass for stability. You can display your chains and earrings on the branches.
A fun piece that I have seen for rings is a mannequin hand. You might even be able to make one from clay and decorate it.
Your jewellery can also be stored in acrylic jewellery organizers that are designed to hold specific types of jewellery. Some have a stand with a horizontal tube for bracelets and necklaces, while others are multifunctional with drawers and stands.
You know which pieces of your jewellery are irreplaceable, rare, keepsakes, favourites and valuable and should be kept out of sight. Many of these jewellery organizers can be hidden. A safety deposit box or safe are still the most secure places for storing your precious gems. For your less expensive jewellery or the pieces that you wear every day, have fun in creating some of these very practical jewellery containers and stands. Whether their sophisticated, whimsical, or classic in design, they will be functional, aesthetically attractive and will reflect your personality—as unique as your signature.
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  1. Great post and great ideas. So good to see you're still posting! Hope all is well with you.