Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to Care For Your Marcasite Jewelry

The beauty of marcasite stones, which were very popular during the Victorian era, is their grey to almost black color as well as their sparkle and flash in light. Today, you often see marcasites in vintage-inspired jewelry as well as authentic antique/vintage pieces.

Popular combinations for marcasite are hematite and mother mother-of-pearl set in silver or white gold because of their appealing combination.

Since marcasite is commonly set with jeweler’s glue or cement, they should not get wet in order to prevent the stone from getting loose. Remove all marcasite jewelry before engaging in any activity that involves water (shower, bath, washing your hands, swimming, etc.). As well, avoid cleaning marcasite jewelry with any chemical jewelry cleaners, ultrasonic cleaner and steam.

Use a dry soft cloth to clean it. If it is necessary to use a damp cloth, then wipe it gently and dry with an absorbent cloth and leave the jewelry item out for a few hours to guarantee that it is thoroughly dry.

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