Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Traveller's Guide for Jewelry Safety Tips

With vacation around the corner for many people, I wanted to share some suggestions and ideas for safeguarding your jewelry while you are travelling. Taking precautions to minimize loss or theft of your jewelry is very important.
There are two groups of travelers: the minimalist who packs just a few key pieces and then there is the opposite, call this person Maxie, who brings everything. This also applies with jewelry. Some travelers will not wear any jewelry, or if they do, it would be something inexpensive and simple, while others will not part with any of their jewelry.
I am always so surprised to see so many ladies wearing their most expensive diamond jewelry when they are on the beach, or wearing so much gold when I travel to beach destination vacations. Many of these beautiful and tropical beaches are in 3rd world countries where the poverty is very high. Do you know who they are going to look at for their livelihood? Bingo!
If you are heading to any beach during the summer months, a wise idea would be to not wear any jewelry, especially rings because the only person who will be laughing to the bank will be the person who is scouring the beaches with his metal detector. Suntan lotion makes your fingers slippery and rings can slip off easily as well as swimming in the cold ocean, lakes, rivers--your fingers shrink and your rings will slide off.
Tourists who wear a lot of jewelery stand out and are a potential target. Your safety is more important than wearing your blinfg bling. I cannot stress it enough, that when you travel, please keep it simple. I love my jewelry, but when I travel, I am the minimalist. I wear only my wedding band, a simple pair of gold hoop earings and a plastic watch. Blending in with the locals and not drawing attention to yourself can sometimes be a challenge. In some countries, I definitely would not blend in since I am blond and almost 6 feet in height.
On the flip side, for those who choose to travel with their jewels, while in transit, keep your jewelry in your handbag or carry-on bag. If you are a frequent traveler, i.e. business traveler, you may wish to invest in a traveling jewelry case because they have the proper compartments that keep your jewelry organized and protected. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a travel case is how much jewelry and what type of jewelry you will be traveling with since there are so many different types available. You want to make sure you purchase the appropriate type.
When staying at a hotel, a wise idea would be to keep your jewelry in the hotel's safety deposit box or in your room's safe. It is also advisable to take copies of sales receipts, appraisal certificates or insurance papers as proof of ownership; by doing so, you will avoid any potential problems with customs with regards to import taxes and customs declarations.
At night, when you are retiring for the evening, you can keep all your jewelry organized quite simply--slip your rings through your watch band and then close the clasp. At the same time, if your strap is made from leather, you can press your earrings through their holes.
Your safety and security are #1. By taking some precautions you can minimize the risk of being a target.
Wishing you all safe travels and a wonderful time.
Any questions, my pleasure to answer them.

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