Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creative Ideas for Updating Your Jewelry

This magnificent citrine necklace was originally a brooch and the former owner did not wear it too often. She decided to update it and we turned it into a functional necklace by adding the chain and adding the there more contemporary citrines. It updated a vintage brooch into a contemporary neckpiece.
How many pieces of jewelry do you have in your jewelry case that you no longer wear because it might be outdated, broken, or you just simply do not like it any more? Well, you can certainly add new life to any jewel with few creative ideas.
Gemstones can be replaced from settings with more vibrant and unique ones. Diamonds can be added to a setting for that extra sparkle or just to dress up a jewelry item.
If you have lost a half pair of earrings, depending on the style of earrings, why not have it made into a pin, pendant or ring.
Updating a wedding band can be simple by adding diamonds for a new eternity band. If you have a very wide band, you could have it sawed in to and also have a matching eternity band made.
If your other half no longer wears his cufflinks, you can have the backings removed for a pair of earrings.
It is my pleasure to offer any suggestions or advice. Please email me at your convenience and I will be more than happy to assist you.

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