Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Guide to the Different Types of Jewelry Settings

If you are planning to purchase a piece of jewelry, whether its custom made or store purchased, there are numerous settings that gems are set into and knowing a little about them can help you in making the right choice when purchasing your purchase. Some stones benefit from one type of setting, while the beauty of another stone might not suit a particular setting. The list below highlights the more common settings.

  1. Prong/claw settings are the most common settings that are on the market. The metal has tips that secure and hold the stone in place. Average number of prongs is 4, but 6 and 8 is fairly common--usually dependent on stone size.

  2. Bezel settings stones are placed within a setting and have a slightly raised "collar" with the metal wrapped around it.

  3. Channel settings are usually seen in bands where there is a small 'channel' carved and the stones are very tightly set beside each other. Stones are flush with the setting.

  4. Pave settings are a cluster of gemstones that are set very closely together. Gems are separated and held with tiny prongs. The surface of the setting resembles a pavement.

  5. Tension setting, while it showcases your gem, is not as secure, since the gem is held between two pieces of metal. Imagine a round band that is split in the center, pulled apart, a stone placed in the center and then the edges pulled in. The stone is suspended between two edges.

In conclusion, while setting may not seem significant, it can really make a difference whether a stone reflects its maximum beauty. A good jeweler will advise you accordingly. If you have any questions, it is always my pleasure to assist you.

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