Monday, January 11, 2010

Use Caution When Travelling With Jewellery

Having just returned from a two week Christmas vacation from a 'beach resort', I was so surprised to see the number of ladies wearing their expensive and sparkling diamond jewellery as well as heavy gold chains and bracelets. While for most of us our jewellery is like our second skin when travelling, you are taking all sorts of chances and risks when you are wearing your jewellery--potentially losing them, standing out in the crowd and risking your safety.

In so many of these communities, the locals are constantly begging for money whether you are walking along the beach or in the downtown core. While it is heartbreaking to see people living in the conditions that they do, for them, it is also about daily survival. Tourists are their golden opportunity and if you stand out, you are an easy target.

I leave all my jewellery at home with the exception of my gold wedding band and a cheap $9.00 watch--those are the only two pieces that I wear.

Blending in with the other tourists and locals is key--you do not want to stand out and attract attention to yourself. If you wear flashy jewellery you are are projecting an image of wealth and taking risks for your safety.

Last year, one of my customers was walking downtown while on vacation and she felt perfectly safe, until a local woman came up behind her and tried pulling off her 2 carat diamond ring. She screamed and struggled and it scared off the assailant and salvaged her ring, but she was devastated by the experience.

Did you know that many people also lose their jewellery while on vacation - suntan lotion can make rings slip off and when you go swimming in the cold ocean, your fingers shrink and your rings will slide off.

I don't want to scare any one, just to make you aware. Going on a vacation is wonderful, but by taking certain precautions, you will minimize the risk of being a target and ensuring your safety.

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