Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Outsmarting a Potential Home Invading Jewelry Thief - Part 2

Thre are several things you can still do at home to outsmart a jewel thief .Other “home-remedy” solutions would be to place your jewelry in Ziploc bags and hide them under sheets, towels, decorative zippered pillows, rolled into your socks. You can also store your jewels in the bottom of a bin that holds seasonal clothes, Christmas decorations and craft supplies. Tennis anyone….by cutting a slit into a tennis ball and squeezing it open you can place small items in. Your children’s stuffed animals are another less conspicuous place—simply open a seam, slide your jewelry in and re-stitch.

Be sure to keep a list of where your jewelry is hidden and in what. In the worst case scenario, if a thief is clever enough to figure out a decoy’s spot, remember, time is not in his favor, so he would grab and run perhaps with only 1 piece of jewelry rather than your entire lifetime collection.

Many people invest in actual safes—keep in mind that a small safe that can hide in a closet is portable and can easily be carried away. A larger safe is very heavy, and while it can’t be carried away, they are harder to hide and take up a lot of space.

I personally favor safes that have a drilled space in a floor—a.k.a. floor safes. They are not portable, they are hidden and you can cover them. Ideally, they are located in basements because they can be drilled through concrete. These safes are smaller than your average wall or full standing safe, but they cannot be carried away, they are out of visual sight and therefore, concealed from a potential thief.

Many people have home alarm systems and while there are no guarantees that your home would not be burglarized, it could deter from a potential home invasion since signs are posted on windows or doors. However, if a burglar broke into a home, he would only have 2-3 minutes to find the valuables before the police would show up. If they would come across a safe, they wouldn’t have the time to open it, nor the time to ransack a home to find jewelry, if they are hidden out of sight.

With these suggestions in mind, I sincerely hope that your favorite and cherished jewels are safe for your enjoyment for many years to come. Digg Technorati Delicious StumbleUpon Reddit BlinkList Furl Mixx Facebook Google Bookmark Yahoo

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