Saturday, December 18, 2010

Important Facts Why Your Jewelry Needs to Smile for The Camera

Whether your jewelry is sentimental, an heirloom piece or very valuable, having up-to-date pictures of them and hiding the pictures are very important for the following reasons:

When you are purchasing extra insurance for your jewelry, most insurance companies will request that each piece (especially if it is a very valuable jewel) be accompanied with a professional appraisal certificate and picture. Detailed descriptions and photographs go hand-in-hand.

If you went out for the afternoon with a friend for lunch and knew you had on your vintage gold bracelet when you left the house and upon returning home you noticed it was missing from your wrist, a picture of it would certainly make it easier for you to distribute photocopies, fliers, within your community.

Now if you had a break-in and your jewelry was stolen, you certainly would not be in the frame of mind to accurately describe each piece that was missing. You might not even be able to remember all the pieces that were stolen. With pictures, law officials would be able to track them down easier, especially if they apprehended the thief(s) or if they turned up at a pawn shop.

If your jewelry cannot be found from the above scenarios, with a good picture, you could have them replaced with similar or identical pieces.

A few years ago, one of our customers had a very high strung puppy that was very oral. Besides the numerous holes in the walls, chewed furniture legs--this puppy also had expensive taste. She somehow managed to reach for a very expensive multi gemstone, custom made, cocktail ring and chewed it to unimaginable damage. Luckily, the owner had several pictures of the ring and was able to have it remade. And what happened to the puppy, she's an older girl now, calm and prefers her rawhide bones these days.

If any jewelry piece needs any major overhaul or repair, a picture will help a jeweler to restore or reassemble it to its like condition.

If you ever have to sell your jewelry, remember that expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words"--the more detailed, the more close-ups, the clearer the picture and the easier it will be to sell. You want a potential buyer to almost be able to touch it and to get excited about it which can result in selling your piece(s) faster.

You need not go out to purchase an expensive camera. If your camera has a 10x optical zoom, that will do the job. Or if you do not have one, perhaps you can ask your friends if they have one.

When taking the pictures, make sure that they are taken in natural sunlight to capture the true colors of the gemstones, as well as taking shots from every angle.

If you have a safety deposit box or home safe, keep the pictures locked up. If not, then find a very good hiding place within your home.

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