Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Womans\s Guide to Investing in Fundamental Jewelry Pieces - Part 2

HOOP EARRINGS are the all time earrings--from babies, flamenco dancers, to tribesmen in Africa, they have universal appeal. While the round hoop is among the most popular, they come in a variety of other geometric shapes and are available in a variety of sizes, widths and sizes. You can also accessorize hoops by adding charms to them. Hoop earrings will compliment everything in your wardrobe.

One of our customers wears her hoop earrings 24-7 because of their versatility. "Whether I have on my jeans or am in Court, my hoops are multi-functional and project a different look with whatever I wear.

A small to medium size hoop is practical to wear during the day to work, while larger hoops are more suited for weekend fun and partying at night.

There is a hoop design suited for everyone!

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